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Titan Structural Repairs, LLC are the experts in concrete foundations, foundation infrastructure, and under-slab plumbing. We specialize in a number of different tasks, including major repairs, raises, installs, and plumbing and drainage solutions. At Titan Structural Repairs, LLC, we strive to deliver top quality service and we can handle the most extreme projects and repairs imaginable.

Under-slab plumbing problems can be devastating to the structure of your home. Common under-slab plumbing problems include:

  • Cast iron pipes corrode and rust over time
  • Tree roots
  • Movement in the foundation
  • Foundation adjustment or repair

And if you are experiencing problems with your foundation, there could be any number of reasons. Some of these are:

  • Constant changes in the soil around the home
  • Weather changes
  • Inadequate drainage
  • Under-slab plumbing

Foundation problems could be costly to repair if left untreated for too long, therefore it is wise to have them resolved as early as possible. Signs of foundation problems include:

  • Cracks in the exposed grade beam of the house
  • Doors and/or windows that will not open or close properly
  • Diagonal cracks in the wall at the corners of windows and doors
  • Gaps between the garage door and the pavement on either side of the garage door

If you notice any of these problems, get in touch with the experts at Titan Structural Repairs, LLC immediately. We have the experience and expert knowledge to remedy the cause and repair any structural damage effectively and in a timely manner.

Our Services:

Foundation Repair

Concrete Installation

Concrete Services

Foundation Repair

At Titan Structural Repairs, LLC, we offer all of our services to keep your foundation in great shape. We use our decades of experience to efficiently and effectively repair your foundation. We specialize in concrete foundations, the infrastructure of foundations, and under-slab structure plumbing. Moreover, our areas of expertise include:

  • Foundation repair services
  • Structural repairs
  • Residential foundation repair
  • Commercial foundation repair
  • Exposed grade beams
  • Shaky or cracked foundation
  • Concrete foundation repairs
  • Infrastructure of foundations
  • Under-slab structure plumbing
  • Concrete repairs

Choose Titan Structural Repairs, LLC for all the foundation repair services that you need around Houston, TX. Call us today to receive a free professional estimate. Our services are rooted in honesty, integrity, and quality customer service. We prioritize you and your needs and always communicate what we are doing with you.


Common Under Slab Plumbing Problems

  • Cast Iron Pipes corrode and rust over time.
  • Tree roots
  • Movement in the foundation
  • Foundation adjustment or repair

Causes of Foundation Problems

  • Constant changes of the soil around the home
  • Weather Changes
  • Inadequate Drainage
  • Under slab Plumbing

Signs of possible Foundations Problems

  • Cracks in the exposed grade beam of the house
  • Doors, and/or windows that will not open or close properly
  • Diagonal cracks in the wall at corner of doors and windows
  • Gaps between garage door and the pavement on either side of garage door

Concrete Installation

The professional and experienced concrete team at Titan Structural Repairs, LLC can help you create a different look and feel to your home with a new concrete installation. And on new construction projects, you can count on us to provide you with superior concrete installation services. We specialize in:

  • Residential concrete installation
  • Commercial concrete installation
  • Concrete driveway installation
  • Concrete floor installation
  • Concrete flatwork installation
  • Stamped concrete installation
  • Concrete patio installation
  • Concrete wall installation
  • Concrete steps installation
  • Decorative concrete installation
  • And so much more

Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements and to receive a free professional estimate in Houston, TX, and the surrounding 100-mile radius. When you hire us, you can be sure of total satisfaction on a project that is delivered on time, and within your budget.

Areas of Expertise

  • Foundation Repair and Underslab Plumbing
  • Hydrostatic and Isolation Testing
  • Drainage Correction
  • Installation of French Drains, Surface Drains, Channel Drains, Sump pumps
  • Concrete Slab
  • Pier and Beam Structures( Block and Base)
  • Steel Presses Piers
  • Concrete Pressed Piers

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Review by: Theresa H. in Pasadena, TX

Very thorough and professional. Great quality in workmanship

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Review by: Klaus A. in Houston, TX

Impressive job. Do what is promised. Easy to talk with them. Always checking for your approval. After some discussion with job they recommended a less expensive alternative. Promise to return if I there is a problem with the job.         

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Review by: Brenda S. in Friendswood, TX

Titan promptly contacted us and gave a reasonable quote. We liked them so much better than the other foundation repair providers that we hired them immediately. They came right on time and were very efficient and professional. We were extremely happy with their work.