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Concrete Foundation Repairs, Raises, and More

Titan Structural Repairs, LLC, are the experts in concrete foundations, foundation infrastructure, and underslab  plumbing.

We specialize in a number of different tasks including major repairs, raises, installs, and plumbing and drainage solutions. We strive to deliver top quality service and do not balk at the most extreme projects and repairs imaginable

We are the only company in the state that offers the type of work that we do, non-invasive, non-intrusive under slab plumbing repairs. We offer different types of Piling and Stabilization Products for Foundation.

  • Houston Foundation Repair

  • Experienced Structural Engineers

  • Quality Underslab Plumbing Repair. Guaranteed.


Areas of Expertise

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    Concrete Foundation Repair Service

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    Leveling and Raising Houses

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    Concrete Pressed Piling

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    Steel and Hylical Piling

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    Bell Bottom Piers

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